Writing Travel Articles

If you are a person who loves to travel and travel a lot you can surely be a great writer of travel articles. If you have traveled a lot of places and want to share your experience with other fellow travelers you should write travel articles. Suppose a person wants to visit a certain country for a holiday and does not know anything about that country, wouldn’t it be great if he finds an article on the net describing that country and the tourist locations of that country?

While writing a travel article for a particular country keep in mind to be absolutely honest. Do not make up things because any person going to visit that country depending on your article may land himself into unnecessary trouble. If you are not absolutely sure about what you are writing then don’t just guess.

When you are writing a travel article about a particular country, outline the tourist attractions of that country and write about the transportation facilities stating what is the easiest, fastest and hassle free mode of transport from one place to another. State whether it will be sensible to take a cab or a bus or a train in that country and also the average fare of each vehicle and from where the tickets can be brought.

Make a list of a number of hotels and restaurants of that country. State the special unique foods of that country and where to find them. Some people travel countries in order to taste the foods of that country. Try to make your article interesting for them also.

While writing an article some other important things that you must keep in mind are

• Don’t make unnecessary spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. If your article is full of spelling or grammar mistakes it will be a pain to read your article. No body will give unnecessary extra effort to read your article. Even webmasters who would have loved to use your article as content for their websites could not take it because of so many mistakes. So if you are not that good with writing English then you can cask some English speaking person to cross check the article for you.
• Be careful about the length of the article. Just because you know a lot don’t write it all down. People are not generally interested in reading big articles. Also don’t make it too short. Try to keep the length of the article from 500 words to 1000 words.
• Do not paste too many links in the body of your article. If you really want to give some links or write something about yourself write it at the end of the page.
• Last but not the least important; absolutely don’t copy from somebody else’s article.

If you have traveled a lot of places and want to share your experience with other fellow trav

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