Use Your Travel Articles to Generate More Travel Business

Most of us have suffered at the hands of the mega online travel sites. The good news is: The consumer is waking up. They are now realizing that they can click their way into a vacation from “hell.” However, one marketing tool continues to stand out in online marketing and that is “Travel Articles.” People love to ‘read’ about destinations throughout the world. And we have found when we provide people with links and choices to reliable discount travel providers, we have experienced successful marketing!

Well written information about exotic destinations can help people to make up their minds about when and where they want to travel. If you have been to a destination, write an article, tell readers, why the destination is great, what the pricing is, what they can expect, when is the best time to go, explain the downside, be honest, put emphases on the upside. Write about what they will see, what they can do, where they can eat and how much money it will cost them.

Your article will repeat the destination location over and over, this is grounds for a great “keyword” foundation for Google and the other Search Engine Gods. Being on the first page of Google for a destination such as “camping in europe” or “cat island bahamas” or “discount travel in ireland” can increase your client data base over night. (examples)

You can sign up for a free account with most of the major Article Directories. Article Directories need content and you need more visitors to your site. It’s a perfect match. The more quality articles you provide to the article directories, the more web visitors can find you.

Travel Agents must spend more time on the mega travel web sites and learn what is NOT, available. When you find a travel niche that is popular, but not readily available on the mega travel sites, then you have what could be a profitable niche, with very little competition. Speciality travel comes to mind as an example. Destination weddings and weddings at sea are also niches that travel agents can research.

Article writing comes under the heading of Public Relations. However, articles function more as a sales tool then a PR tool. When your write about the “travel experience” because you are the expert in this area, he travel suppliers have provided you with detailed information about the destination, and in many cases, you yourself have traveled to the destination. your articles count. Information is power.

To help travel agents gain more exposure online, T360 TravelClassifieds, provides a platform where Travel Agents can po

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